The Most Congested Roads in New York

New York City has been identified as the most congested city in the United States, according to a recent report by INRIX. In 2021, drivers experienced an average loss of 102 hours in traffic. Here are some of the city’s most congested roads:

1. I-95 Eastbound

The section of I-95 eastbound, stretching from the Alexander Hamilton Bridge to I-278 in the Bronx, holds the distinction of being not only the most congested street in the city but also in the entire country.

2. Brooklyn Queens Expressway (BQE)

The BQE, running between 38th Street and Downtown Brooklyn, stands out as one of the most congested roads in the nation.

3. Cross Bronx Expressway

The Cross Bronx Expressway, located west of the Bronx River Parkway, ranks among the most congested roads in the country.

4. First Avenue North

First Avenue North is recognized as one of the most congested roads in the United States.

These roads in New York City are notorious for heavy traffic. If you plan to drive in the city, it’s advisable to steer clear of these routes during peak hours.


Navigating the streets of New York City demands strategic planning, especially considering the city’s most congested roads. From the I-95 Eastbound to the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, these routes witness perpetual traffic snarls.

As the city evolves, addressing these congestion hotspots becomes paramount for a smoother urban commute. Whether a local or a visitor, steering clear of these notorious roads during peak hours is sage advice for a stress-free journey through the Big Apple.


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