The House in New Jersey That Has Been Named the Weirdest House

Are you familiar with the notorious “Chair House” situated along Route 9 in West Creek, New Jersey?

Constructed in 1887 on Long Beach Island, this 70-foot-tall residence was later relocated to the mainland in West Creek in 1936, where it has remained ever since.

Initially conceived as a jest, the chair was playfully positioned atop the house around 1940 by then-owner Albert Lindholm. However, the story takes an even stranger turn.

Over the years, the house has undergone several iterations of “the chair” as different owners acquired the property. A recent replacement of the chair atop the home suggests a need to address the deterioration of the original one placed in the 1940s.

Observing the photograph, it’s evident that whoever installed the chair had to ascend to a considerable height.

Perhaps the most peculiar aspect of this tale is how the chair manages to withstand various storms, including Ophelia in the fall of 2023, and remains securely in its position.


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