The Haunted Park in Alabama That Locals Call the Dead Children’s Playground

Situated within Huntsville, Alabama’s oldest and largest cemetery, Maple Hill, is a playground that has captured the fascination of both locals and enthusiasts of the paranormal.

Referred to as the “Dead Children’s Playground,” this apparently ordinary location has become a focal point for stories of the supernatural.

A Playground Amid Tombstones

Originally designed as a place for children to play while their parents visited the graves of loved ones, the playground features basic equipment like swings and a contemporary jungle gym. Nestled in a low area of the graveyard and surrounded by rocks and trees on three sides, it creates an especially enclosed atmosphere.

A Spooky Reputation

Over the years, the playground has gained an eerie reputation, with many connecting supernatural occurrences to the spirits of children buried nearby. Local legend suggests that these spirits emerge to play between 10 p.m. and 3 a.m.

Another legend proposes that the bodies of several children, abducted from the area in the 1960s, were discovered where this haunted playground now stands.

Visitors have reported seeing swings moving autonomously, orbs of light appearing in photographs, and even apparitions of children playing. Reports of laughter and children’s voices add to the haunted reputation of the playground.

A Symbol of Perseverance

In 2007, as the historical cemetery faced space constraints, Huntsville city officials decided to remove the play area to accommodate more burials. Outraged by the loss of their playground, locals successfully advocated for the construction of a new playground, resurrecting the site, so to speak.

Today, the Dead Children’s Playground remains a place of mystery and fascination. Whether you believe in the supernatural or are merely curious, this playground provides a distinctive glimpse into local folklore and the enduring strength of community.


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