The Coolest Underground Attractions in Massachusetts

Massachusetts boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Yet, beneath its surface lies a trove of captivating underground attractions waiting to be explored. From clandestine art spaces and film festivals to storied sites and eerie tunnels, there’s something for every enthusiast of subterranean discovery. Here are some of the most enthralling underground destinations in Massachusetts that demand your attention.

Underground at Ink Block

Nestled beneath an interstate highway in Boston, Underground at Ink Block offers a one-of-a-kind urban oasis and cultural hub. Once a desolate parking lot, it has been revitalized into a vibrant haven adorned with captivating murals, a skate park, a dog-friendly area, fitness amenities, and a lively beer garden. Throughout the year, it plays host to an array of events, including concerts, markets, yoga sessions, and art workshops, providing a dynamic outdoor experience amidst the bustling cityscape.

Boston Underground Film Festival

For aficionados of avant-garde cinema, the Boston Underground Film Festival promises a riveting experience. Held annually at the historic Brattle Theatre in Cambridge, this event showcases cutting-edge filmmaking from around the globe. From spine-tingling horror to mind-bending sci-fi and everything in between, the festival offers a diverse range of genres. Attendees can also partake in parties, panels, and awards ceremonies, offering ample opportunities to engage with fellow cinephiles and visionary filmmakers.

Old South Meeting House

Steeped in history, the Old South Meeting House stands as a testament to Boston’s pivotal role in the American Revolution. Constructed in 1729, this historic Congregational church witnessed the seminal Boston Tea Party in 1773, a watershed moment in colonial dissent against British taxation. Today, it serves as a museum and National Historic Landmark, preserving artifacts and narratives that illuminate this pivotal period in American history.

David Ruggles Center for Early Florence History and Underground Railroad Studies

Located in Northampton, the David Ruggles Center commemorates the legacy of David Ruggles, a prominent abolitionist and key figure in the Underground Railroad. Through exhibits, documents, and artifacts, the museum chronicles Ruggles’ courageous efforts to aid enslaved individuals seeking freedom. Additionally, guided tours and educational programs shed light on Florence’s role as a haven for abolitionists and fugitives, underscoring the region’s profound impact on the anti-slavery movement.


Massachusetts beckons adventurers to delve beyond its surface, unveiling a realm of captivating underground treasures. Whether your passion lies in art, cinema, history, or activism, the state’s clandestine attractions offer a wealth of discovery. So, when you next traverse Massachusetts, be sure to unearth these hidden gems and embark on a journey filled with surprises and revelations.

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