The 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds in New York State

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, New York State is home to over 2 million dogs. So, what dog breeds are favored by New Yorkers? Here are the top five dog breeds in New York State as of 2024, based on data from online pet care marketplaces and kennel club registrations.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog, also known as the Frenchie, is a compact, muscular, and charming dog with a loyal and playful nature. Well-suited for city life, they don’t require extensive outdoor exercise and adapt easily to apartment living. Frenchies are quiet, alert, and friendly, making them the current most popular breed in both the U.S. and New York City.


The Poodle, available in Toy, Miniature, and Standard sizes, is an intelligent and adaptable dog. Eager to please, Poodles are easily trainable and have a hypoallergenic coat, making them suitable for individuals with allergies. Playful, dignified, and loyal, Poodles rank as the second most popular breed in New York City and the third most popular in the U.S.

Golden Retriever

Recognized for their beautiful golden coat, friendly demeanor, and gentle temperament, the Golden Retriever is a beloved breed worldwide. Smart, loyal, and affectionate, they make excellent family dogs and are skilled in various roles, such as guide dogs and therapy dogs. In New York State, they hold the fourth position, while nationally, they are the second most popular breed.


The Bulldog, characterized by its short, sturdy build and distinctive face, is a calm and loyal companion. Known for getting along well with children and other pets, Bulldogs are low-maintenance and do not require extensive grooming or exercise. Despite potential health issues, they rank as the fifth most popular breed in New York State and the fourth most popular in the U.S.


Originating from Cuba, the Havanese is a small, fluffy, and cheerful dog. Affectionate and social, they enjoy being around their owners and others. Adaptable to various environments, from apartments to farms, Havanese dogs boast a long, silky coat requiring regular grooming. They hold the sixth position in popularity in New York State and are the top choice in New York City.


These rankings are based on the latest data and trends, showcasing the diversity of New York State’s canine population. While these breeds are popular, it’s essential to research and find a dog that best matches your lifestyle and preferences. Regardless of the breed, every dog deserves a loving and caring home.


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