The Poorest Town in Pennsylvania Has Been Revealed

Pennsylvania, renowned for its rich history and diverse landscapes, exhibits considerable economic disparity among its towns and cities. This article delves into the town with the lowest economic standing in Pennsylvania, as indicated by various sources.

Identifying the Poorest Town

Different sources present conflicting information regarding the town claiming the unfortunate distinction of being the poorest in Pennsylvania. According to a RoadSnacks report, Shamokin and Johnstown were pinpointed as the most impoverished places in Pennsylvania for 2023.

Nevertheless, another source, A-Z Animals, also designates Shamokin as the poorest town. Conversely, iHeart singles out Braddock as the town with the lowest median household income, reporting it at $22,670 annually.

A Deeper Dive into the Contenders


Shamokin, housing around 7,000 residents, is frequently cited among the most economically challenged towns. The town’s financial struggles mirror the broader issues faced by many small towns in Pennsylvania.


With a population of 18,647, Johnstown is another town identified as one of the poorest. Despite its rich history and cultural significance, Johnstown confronts economic challenges akin to those experienced by other small towns in the state.


iHeart labels Braddock as the poorest town in Pennsylvania, with a population of 1,949. Residents in Braddock earn a median household income of $22,670 per year, a notable contrast to the state’s annual median household income of $67,587.


Though the specific ranking may differ depending on the source, it is evident that towns like Shamokin, Johnstown, and Braddock grapple with substantial economic hardships.

These towns, akin to numerous others in Pennsylvania, contend with issues such as poverty, unemployment, and insufficient investment. Resolving these challenges necessitates collaborative efforts at all levels—local, state, and federal—to ensure a brighter future for the residents of these towns.


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