The Poorest Town in Delaware Has Been Revealed

Delaware, the ninth-wealthiest state in the United States, boasts a variety of cities and towns, each facing its unique economic landscape.

Nevertheless, economic difficulties are present in certain regions, and among Delaware’s 50 towns, Laurel stands out as the least affluent.

Economic Hardships in Laurel

With a population of 3,886, Laurel is a small town grappling with economic challenges. It holds the distinction of having the lowest median household income in Delaware, standing at just $34,615 per year—52.4% lower than the state median. Additionally, Laurel carries the highest poverty rate in the state, with 40.0% of its residents living below the poverty line.

Despite these adversities, it is noteworthy that the cost of living in Laurel falls within the bottom 15% statewide, contributing to relatively affordable housing and living expenses.

Other Struggling Areas in Delaware

While Laurel claims the title of the state’s poorest town, Wilmington, the largest city with a population of 70,926, faces similar economic challenges. Ranking as the poorest city in Delaware among places with populations exceeding 25,000, Wilmington reports a median household income of $45,139 per year, considerably lower than the statewide median of $69,110. Additionally, the city grapples with a high poverty rate of 21.7%.


The economic challenges confronting towns like Laurel and cities such as Wilmington underscore the income disparities within one of the wealthiest U.S. states.

While these statistics offer a snapshot of the present situation, they should not be perceived as definitive indicators of the people or the potential of these areas. It is crucial to recognize that these figures capture a moment in time and do not necessarily predict the future.

Given the appropriate resources and opportunities, these towns and cities have the potential to overcome their economic hurdles and prosper.


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