Pennsylvania’s Primary Showdown: House Races Highlighted

Pennsylvania is getting ready for its primary election, and it’s not just about the presidential race. The state will also be key in deciding a Senate contest and several U.S. House races in November.

The primary voters will pick the nominees for these races, which could have a big impact on how competitive the general elections will be and the future direction of the parties.

Here are four U.S. House primary races that are particularly interesting:

12th Congressional District

This district, centered around Pittsburgh, is reliably Democratic. The current representative, Summer Lee, is facing a challenge from Bhavini Patel, a member of the Edgewood Borough Council. Patel has criticized Lee for being part of The Squad, a group of progressive House Democrats. The primary will show how much support Lee has within her own party.

7th Congressional District

Located in the Lehigh Valley, this district is expected to be a close race in November. Democratic incumbent Susan Wild won by a narrow margin in 2022, so Republicans are hoping to flip the seat. Three GOP candidates are competing for the chance to challenge Wild.

1st Congressional District

In this district, Republican incumbent Brian Fitzpatrick is facing a primary challenge from Mark Houck, who is known for his anti-abortion activism. Fitzpatrick is seen as a moderate, and the primary will test whether the district is leaning more towards the right.

10th Congressional District

Republican Rep. Scott Perry is up for reelection in this central Pennsylvania district. With the district being competitive and Perry’s strong conservative stance, Democrats are fielding six candidates in the primary. Former news anchor Janelle Stelson and retired Marine fighter pilot Mike O’Brien are the top contenders, but Stelson is facing questions about her party switch.

Apart from these House races, Pennsylvania will also have primaries for other important offices like attorney general, auditor, treasurer, and the state legislature. Given the competitiveness of the state legislature, these primaries could have a big impact on Pennsylvania’s political landscape.”

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