Ohio’s Oldest Town is Older Than America by More Than 100 Years

Ohio boasts a rich and diverse history, with Marietta standing out as a hidden gem. Founded in 1788, more than a century before Ohio attained statehood and 12 years before the ratification of the United States Constitution, Marietta offers a captivating journey through time.

General Rufus Putnam and a group of Revolutionary War veterans established Marietta, the first permanent settlement in the Northwest Territory. Named after Queen Marie Antoinette of France, a staunch supporter of the American cause, Marietta became the initial organized American settlement north and west of the Ohio River.

Explore Marietta’s Historic Significance

Marietta’s historical significance is evident in its various sites and monuments, providing a glimpse into the town’s pivotal role in Ohio’s and the nation’s past:

1. Campus Martius Museum: Preserving the original fortification, this museum showcases exhibits and artifacts detailing the early settlers, Native Americans, and the Northwest Territory’s history.

2. Ohio River Museum: Highlighting the Ohio River’s importance as a crucial transportation and trade route, the museum features the last intact steam-powered towboat in the U.S., the W.P. Snyder Jr.

3. The Castle: A Gothic Revival-style mansion built in 1855, The Castle now serves as a museum, displaying Victorian furniture and exhibits about Marietta’s history and architecture.

4. Mound Cemetery: Ohio’s oldest cemetery, Mound Cemetery is the resting place of Marietta’s founders, including General Rufus Putnam, Benjamin Tupper, and Abraham Whipple. The Conus Mound, a prehistoric earthwork from around 100 B.C., is also located here.

Discover Marietta’s Charming Downtown

Beyond its historical significance, Marietta boasts a vibrant and beautiful downtown. Brick streets, Victorian buildings, and scenic river views create a charming atmosphere. The downtown area is dotted with local shops, restaurants, cafes, and galleries, offering diverse goods and services. Throughout the year, Marietta hosts events and festivals like the Ohio River Sternwheel Festival, Harvest Moon Festival, and Christmas in the Village, celebrating its heritage and community.

In Conclusion

Marietta, Ohio, stands as one of the oldest towns in the United States, offering a captivating blend of history and charm. Whether you seek to learn, explore, or simply enjoy a unique experience, Marietta provides a welcoming environment for both residents and visitors alike.

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