This North Carolina Interstate Was Named the Deadliest Road in the U.S

A dangerous section of Interstate 85, spanning from exits 36 to 41 in Charlotte, North Carolina, has gained notoriety as the deadliest five-mile stretch in the state and one of the nation’s most perilous.

Fatal Crash Data

From 2000 to 2019, a total of 42 lives were lost in 39 fatal accidents in this area. This specific stretch of roadway, resembling a real-life version of the Frogger game, witnessed 42 fatalities across 39 separate accidents in the first two decades of the 21st century.

Factors Leading to Fatalities

Several factors contribute to the elevated fatality rate on this segment of the road. The most common causes of deadly crashes were speeding, accounting for 25.4% of accidents, and drunk driving, which played a role in 23.4% of incidents. Additionally, distracted driving rates are also increasing.

Other Hazardous Roads in North Carolina

Although Interstate 85 holds the grim title of the deadliest road, other roads in North Carolina present substantial risks. One example is US 129, known as “The Dragon,” characterized by its 318 curves and sparse guardrails, posing a challenging route for drivers.


The high fatality rate on Interstate 85 in North Carolina emphasizes the importance of adopting safe driving practices. It is imperative for drivers to remain vigilant, especially when navigating roads with a reputation for high accident rates.


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