New York is Home to an Abandoned Town Most People Don’t Know

New York is a state of contrasts, where the bustling metropolis of New York City coexists with the serene wilderness of the Hudson Valley. But hidden among the hills and forests of the valley, there is a place that defies both categories: Doodletown, a ghost town that was once a thriving community of over 300 people. In this blog, I’ll tell you about the history and the mystery of Doodletown, and what you can see and do if you visit this forgotten village.

The Rise and Fall of Doodletown

Doodletown was founded in the 18th century by settlers who were attracted by the rich natural resources of the area, such as timber, iron, and water. The village grew and prospered over the years, becoming a center of industry, commerce, and culture. Doodletown had its own school, church, cemetery, post office, and even a baseball team. The residents of Doodletown were proud of their heritage and their community, and they resisted several attempts by outsiders to take over their land.

However, Doodletown’s fate changed in the 20th century, when the state of New York decided to expand the Bear Mountain State Park, which surrounded the village. The state began to acquire the properties of Doodletown by eminent domain, forcing the residents to sell their homes and leave. The last family left Doodletown in 1965, and the village was demolished shortly after. The only remnants of Doodletown are some foundations, stone walls, and signs that mark the former locations of the buildings.

The Haunting of Doodletown

Doodletown may be gone, but it is not forgotten. The village has become a popular destination for hikers, history buffs, and paranormal enthusiasts, who want to explore the ruins and the trails of the ghost town. Some of the attractions include:

  • The Doodletown Cemetery, where the graves of the former residents date back to the 18th century. Some of the tombstones have interesting inscriptions, such as “Gone but not forgotten” or “Sleep on dear child and take thy rest”.
  • The Doodletown Bridle Path, where the old road of the village is still visible, and where some of the signs of the buildings can be seen. The path also offers scenic views of the Hudson River and the surrounding mountains.
  • The Doodletown Reservoir, where the water supply of the village was stored, and where some of the old pipes and valves can be found. The reservoir is also a good spot for birdwatching, as many species of birds frequent the area.

Some of the visitors of Doodletown claim to have experienced more than just the sights and sounds of nature. They report to have felt the presence of the former inhabitants of the village, or to have heard voices, footsteps, or music coming from the ruins. Some even claim to have seen apparitions of people or animals, or to have captured them on camera. Whether these are real ghosts or just products of imagination, they add to the allure and the mystery of Doodletown.

The Conclusion

Doodletown is a ghost town in New York that most people don’t know, but that deserves to be known. It is a place that tells the story of a village that was once alive and vibrant, but that was erased by the forces of progress and nature. It is also a place that invites the curious and the adventurous to discover its secrets and its beauty, and to wonder what else is hidden in the Hudson Valley. Doodletown is a ghost town that will challenge your senses and your beliefs, and that will make you appreciate the past and the present.

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