New Hampshire is Home to an Abandoned Town Most People Don’t Know

New Hampshire boasts natural beauty, historical landmarks, and charming towns, but there’s one lesser-known town with good reason—it has been abandoned for over half a century.

Livermore, New Hampshire, was a bustling logging community nestled in the White Mountains. Established in 1876, it reached its peak with over 200 residents and various amenities like a sawmill, school, post office, hotel, and residences. The town thrived with a railroad connecting it to the state, facilitating the transportation of lumber and residents.

Livermore faced challenges in the early 1900s. Overharvesting, fires, and competition led to the decline of the logging industry. The 1935 discontinuation of the railroad severed the town’s lifeline, exacerbated by the impacts of the Great Depression and World War II. By 1951, only 18 residents remained, and the state legislature officially dissolved the town.

Current State of Livermore

Today, Livermore is a ghost town gradually reclaimed by nature. The only access is via hiking or biking along the old railroad bed, now part of the Sawyer River Trail, a 7-mile route passing through the former town site, showcasing remnants of the past.

Discoverable in Livermore:

  • The sawmill foundation, once the town’s largest and crucial structure.
  • Cellar holes of houses, marked by stone walls and chimneys.
  • The cemetery, holding graves of residents, including children who succumbed to diseases and accidents.
  • The signpost, indicating the town’s location, name, and elevation.
  • Artifacts like rusty tools, bottles, cans, and railroad spikes scattered around the town.

Reasons to Explore Livermore

While not a typical tourist spot, Livermore is a captivating destination for history, nature, and mystery enthusiasts. Exploring Livermore feels like a journey back in time, witnessing the ascent and decline of a once-thriving community. It also serves as a reminder of nature’s ability to shape and dismantle human civilizations.

For those planning a visit, respect the town and its history. Avoid taking or damaging artifacts, leaving no trace. Note that the trail is unmaintained, especially in winter, so a map, compass, and GPS may be necessary for navigation. Be prepared for various weather and wildlife conditions.

Livermore, an undiscovered gem in New Hampshire, offers a unique experience for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path adventure. If you crave a new and exciting journey, Livermore might be your ideal destination.


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