Michigan Nostalgic Drive-In Can Be Yours for Under $700k

For those seeking a distinctive and historic property in northern Michigan, the Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre & Diner is currently on the market for $625,000. Operating since 1953, this retro-themed drive-in theater holds the title of one of the last remaining drive-ins in the state. Here are several reasons to contemplate acquiring this nostalgic gem.

A Touch of History

Situated in Honor, Michigan, along US Highway 31, approximately 40 minutes from Traverse City, the Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre & Diner has been entertaining families and visitors since its opening on July 4, 1953. The establishment boasts a diner-style concession stand building, a mini-golf course, and the largest movie screen in northern Michigan. With a capacity for up to 275 cars, the theater maintains a dedicated customer base that relishes the classic drive-in experience.

Potential for Expansion

As per the Real Estate One listing, the current owner, seeking retirement, is open to selling the property to someone capable of continuing the Cherry Bowl legacy. The listing also suggests the possibility of enhancing the property with a stage for outdoor concerts and events. Nestled on 10 acres of land, the site offers ample space for expansion and improvement. Additionally, the theater’s existing website and social media presence can aid in attracting more customers and increasing revenue.

A Unique Opportunity

With only eight drive-in theaters remaining in Michigan, these nostalgic establishments are becoming increasingly rare. The Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre & Diner presents a unique chance to own a piece of nostalgia and cultural heritage that is hard to come by elsewhere. Beyond being a business, the theater serves as a community hub and tourist attraction, appealing to a diverse audience. It also offers an ideal setting to enjoy the beauty and charm of northern Michigan, particularly during the summer months.

For more details on purchasing the Cherry Bowl Drive-In Theatre & Diner, refer to the listing here. Explore other drive-in restaurants in Michigan with a similar nostalgic vibe here. Don’t let this opportunity slip away to own a slice of Michigan history and a rewarding business.


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