Michigan Man + Wife Misread Lottery Ticket Before Realizing They’d Won $500k

A Michigan couple received a delightful surprise when they realized that their lottery ticket held a more significant value than initially thought. In their 70s, the couple purchased a Holiday Wishes scratch-off ticket at a Marathon gas station in Spring Lake, Ottawa County. Due to their poor eyesight, they initially misread the ticket multiple times before discovering the $500,000 prize.

A Life-Altering Moment

Opting to remain anonymous, the couple shared that they were motivated to play instant games after watching an episode of ‘My Lottery Dream Home,’ a TV show featuring lottery winners acquiring their dream houses. The Holiday Wishes ticket marked their third scratch-off purchase, and the cashier jokingly advised them to remember him when they hit the jackpot.

Taking the ticket home, they enlisted their son’s help to confirm the prize. Their son congratulated them on a “significant, life-changing event” and suggested contacting the Michigan Lottery office. The couple intends to use their winnings to settle bills, contribute to charity, and embark on a trip to Paris.

A Uncommon Occurrence

Launched in October 2023, the Holiday Wishes game offers players the chance to win prizes ranging from $5 to $500,000, with odds of winning the top prize at one in 660,000. The couple’s victory represented one of the four $500,000 prizes available in the game. As of February 2024, two more top prizes remain unclaimed.

The Michigan Lottery noted that the couple’s win was a rare incident, as most players carefully inspect their tickets before claiming prizes. Nevertheless, there have been instances of players misreading or misplacing winning tickets, such as a man who won $100,000 from a second chance game by scanning his losing tickets on the lottery app or another who won $500,000 from his first-ever ticket following his parents’ instructions.


The Michigan couple’s triumph resulted from their fortunate decision to engage in instant games. Grateful for their unexpected windfall, they eagerly anticipate enjoying their retirement with family and friends. They expressed gratitude to the Michigan Lottery for providing them with a “wonderful opportunity” to enhance their lives.


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