Mass Layoffs: 6 Companies Announced Layoffs This December in Wisconsin

In the corporate realm, mass layoffs are a common yet challenging event that raises uncertainties among numerous employees regarding their future. This December, multiple Wisconsin-based companies have declared layoffs, impacting the lives of numerous workers and their families.

Understanding Mass Layoffs:

A mass layoff involves terminating a substantial number of employees from an organization simultaneously. Typically stemming from economic downturns, these layoffs are defined when at least 50 employees are let go within a 30-day period, representing over one-third of the company’s workforce. Alternatively, it can also apply when 500 employees are laid off within the same timeframe, irrespective of the company’s size.

The Consequences of Mass Layoffs:

Mass layoffs can inflict significant hardships on both affected individuals and the broader economy. Economic downturns create a competitive job market, especially in specialized fields, making it challenging for individuals to secure employment.

Companies in Wisconsin Announcing Layoffs:

In 2023, noteworthy layoffs in Wisconsin involve Marshfield Health System, Cardinal Stritch University, and David’s Bridal. Unfortunately, specific details about these layoffs are currently unavailable. It’s essential to recognize that such layoffs can profoundly impact the local economy and the lives of those affected.

Looking Forward:

A 2023 report by Randstad RiseSmart projects that a substantial 92% of employers are gearing up for layoffs in 2024. As the job market undergoes transformations, opportunities seem abundant for individuals skilled in AI and adaptable work structures. This underscores the importance of continual education and adaptability in a swiftly changing employment landscape.


While mass layoffs pose challenges in the business world, they underscore the significance of adaptability and resilience in the face of change. Moving forward, it’s imperative for both companies and employees to navigate these transitions with empathy and strategic planning.


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