Man Attempts to Shoot Pennsylvania Church Pastor During Live Sermon

A Pennsylvania church service took a terrifying turn when a man brandishing a gun attempted to shoot the pastor delivering his sermon.

During a live stream of the service at Jesus’ Dwelling Place Church in North Braddock, viewers witnessed Bernard Junior Polite, 26, approach the front of the church and point a gun at Rev. Glenn Germany while he was in the midst of his sermon.

As Germany ducked behind his pulpit, church Deacon Clarence McCallister bravely intervened, tackling Polite to the ground and disarming him. Astonishingly, the gun malfunctioned, failing to discharge.

Germany later recounted the harrowing moment, expressing his belief that a higher power intervened, stating, “He pulled the gun; it clicked. You heard him shoot it. God jammed the gun so the bullet didn’t come out.”

Approximately 25 parishioners, including Germany’s 14-year-old daughter, were present during the incident. Polite, who was not affiliated with the church, claimed to have been compelled by voices in his head and confessed his intention to shoot Germany and await arrest as a means to “clear his mind.”

Despite the traumatic event, Germany extended forgiveness to Polite, recognizing signs of potential mental illness. Polite was subsequently apprehended and is facing charges of aggravated assault and attempted homicide, currently held without bail.

In a separate development, authorities discovered a deceased individual, Derek Polite, 56, inside Bernard Polite’s residence. Investigations are ongoing to determine any connection between the two incidents.

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