Man Arrested in Brutal Murder of Transgender Woman in Miami Beach

A 53-year-old man, Gregory Gibert, has been arrested in connection with the tragic killing of a transgender woman outside the Miami City Ballet in Miami Beach. Gibert faces second-degree murder charges after allegedly assaulting 37-year-old Andrea Doria Dos Passos.

The incident occurred early Tuesday morning when an employee of the Miami City Ballet discovered Dos Passos lying on the steps near the main entrance. Despite attempts to wake her, there was no response, and blood was visible around her. Emergency services pronounced Dos Passos dead at the scene.

Dos Passos’ stepfather, Victor Van Gilst, described the family’s anguish, noting her struggles with mental illness and their efforts to support her.

Surveillance footage revealed chilling details of the attack. Gibert was seen arriving at the scene, wielding a metal pipe, and assaulting Dos Passos as she slept. After the attack, he discarded the weapon and fled the scene.

Police issued an alert describing a suspect matching Gibert’s description, leading to his arrest. He was found wearing clothing consistent with the surveillance footage and was charged before being taken into custody.

While the motive for the attack remains unclear, Dos Passos’ stepfather expressed concerns that her transgender identity may have played a role. However, authorities have not confirmed whether the attack was a hate crime.

Miami Beach Police Chief Wayne Jones assured the community of their commitment to justice, stating that they are working closely with LGBTQIA+ leaders and the State Attorney’s Office to ensure the case is prosecuted rigorously.

Gibert’s refusal to appear in court added to the gravity of the situation, as investigations continue and evidence, including the metal pipe, is being analyzed.

In response to the tragedy, the LGBTQ organization Pridelines announced plans to hold a memorial for Dos Passos, underscoring the importance of community support and solidarity in the face of such senseless violence.

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