Louisiana Man Hospitalized with Severe Brain Damage After Alleged Near-Drowning Incident

A tragic incident has left a 26-year-old Louisiana man hospitalized with severe brain damage after a near-drowning episode in Lake D’Arbonne in Farmerville.

Christopher Gilbert, a recent graduate of Louisiana Tech University, reportedly spent approximately 20 minutes underwater after being pushed into the lake by a friend, according to local reports.

The incident, which occurred on April 14 while Gilbert was at a restaurant with friends, has devastated his family and friends. Yolanda George, Gilbert’s mother, received a distressing call from one of his friends, informing her that Gilbert had been submerged in the lake for an extended period before being rescued by a bystander.

Upon arrival at the hospital, doctors informed George that Gilbert had suffered severe brain damage and was initially deemed brain dead. However, Gilbert has since regained consciousness, although he still faces a long road to recovery.

The family’s attorney, Claudia Payne, revealed that initial reports suggested Gilbert had fallen into the lake accidentally. However, further investigation indicated that he was intentionally pushed in by a member of his friend group.

Payne and Gilbert’s family are calling for authorities to take action, urging the Farmerville Police Department and the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office to make an arrest in the case.

A Change.org petition initiated by Payne has garnered significant support, with over 2,700 signatures urging law enforcement to act swiftly. The Union Parish Sheriff’s Office has yet to comment on the matter.

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