LAPD Maintains Order Amidst Unruly Protests at Pomona College Graduation

Los Angeles, CA – The LAPD responded to the growing protests outside the Shrine Auditorium, where a Pomona College graduation ceremony was taking place. The demonstration, which started out peacefully, quickly became chaotic, leading to the intervention of law enforcement.

The protest, which focused on expressing support for Palestine, happened to take place during the Pomona College graduation ceremony. As a result of concerns regarding disruptions, the event has been moved off-campus.

Emotions ran high during the protest, resulting in clashes between protesters and law enforcement. Amidst the chaos, law enforcement apprehended an individual for attempting to assault an officer.

Amidst the chants of “From the river to the sea,” a slogan with different interpretations, some protesters attempted to block access to the auditorium. As a result, the LAPD declared the gathering unlawful and took measures to disperse the crowd.

Order was restored in the vicinity of the auditorium with the assistance of officers wearing riot gear and the declaration of an unlawful assembly. For the sake of public safety, the area surrounding the Shrine, which includes the University of Southern California campus, was temporarily closed off.

The decision to move the graduation ceremony was made in response to the potential disruption by pro-Palestinian protesters who were advocating for divestment from Israel. Many attendees were inconvenienced by the last-minute change, which resulted in criticism from some parents and students.

Despite the disruptions, the graduation went ahead as scheduled, with students and families eventually arriving at the venue. Meanwhile, ongoing protests outside the Shrine continued to capture attention, highlighting the wider tensions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Earlier in the day, a security alert briefly disrupted activities at the Claremont campus, emphasising the heightened tensions and concerns for safety amidst ongoing protests.

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