July 1 Brings New Laws to California: Key Changes to Expect

A number of new laws on topics like housing and hidden fees will take effect in California on July 1.

Here are some of the laws that could directly affect Californians:

Hidden Fees

Two bills from last year address hidden fees:

  • Senate Bill 478 and Assembly Bill 537 require advertised prices for most goods and services to include all fees, except government taxes.
  • SB 478 covers most businesses, with some exceptions.
  • AB 537 targets short-term lodging rates, like hotels and Airbnb.

Drug Testing Kits

Bars and restaurants with alcohol licenses must sell drug-testing kits at near wholesale prices. They must also display a notice saying, “Don’t get roofied! Drink spiking drug test kits available here. Ask a staff member for details.”

Menstrual Products for Students

Assembly Bill 230 extends a law that provides free menstrual products in public school bathrooms for grades 6-12, now including grades 3-5. This is because 10% of girls have their first period by age 10.

Right to Repair

Senate Bill 244 requires manufacturers to provide repair documentation and spare parts for electronics priced at $50 or higher. For products priced at $100 or more, parts must be available for at least seven years after manufacturing ends.


Senate Bill 684 aims to increase housing by speeding up the approval process for subdivision maps in urban areas. It requires local agencies to approve these maps if the project meets certain criteria, including having no more than 10 housing units. This supports medium-density housing like duplexes, fourplexes, garden apartments, and townhomes.

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