Is It Illegal to Wear Airpods While Driving in Ohio?

In Ohio, using headphones, including AirPods, while driving has raised safety concerns. According to Ohio Revised Code Section 4511.84, it is against the law to wear or use headphones or earphones while operating a vehicle. The objective of this regulation is to prevent distractions and enable drivers to hear emergency vehicles and other important sounds affecting their driving decisions.

Safety Reasons

The main purpose behind this law is safety. Wearing headphones can impair a driver’s ability to hear sirens, honking horns, and other essential sounds crucial for safe driving. The law underscores the commitment to minimizing distractions and enhancing drivers’ auditory awareness on the road.


While the general rule prohibits headphone use, there are exceptions. The law does not apply to hearing aids or other devices that enhance hearing. Earpieces used for communication purposes, such as those utilized by law enforcement, are also exempt.

Enforcement and Penalties

Traffic police typically enforce this law and may issue citations to drivers violating the headphone ban. Penalties may include fines and, in some cases, points on the driver’s license, potentially leading to higher insurance premiums.

Public Awareness

Public awareness campaigns play a vital role in educating drivers about the risks associated with driving while using headphones. These campaigns stress the importance of maintaining unobstructed senses, especially hearing, while operating a vehicle.

Technological Solutions

For individuals reliant on devices for navigation or communication, technological alternatives like Bluetooth-enabled car systems provide a legal and safer means to stay connected without breaking the law. These systems often enable hands-free operation, aligning with Ohio’s commitment to road safety.


In summary, despite the integration of technology like AirPods into our daily lives, their use while driving is restricted in Ohio to uphold the safety of all road users. It is crucial for drivers to comprehend and adhere to these laws to foster a secure driving environment for everyone.

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