Illinois Man Facing Hate-Crime Charge After Shooting Neighbor

John P. Shadbar, a 70-year-old man from Illinois, is facing charges of a hate crime and attempted murder after allegedly shooting and injuring his neighbour in Lockport Township.

The victim, a 45-year-old woman, is currently in critical condition due to a gunshot wound to her chest. Shadbar was taken into custody by authorities after he barricaded himself inside his home following the shooting.

He is now facing a total of nine felony charges, which include hate crime, aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, aggravated discharge of a firearm, and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon.

During the search of Shadbar’s residence, law enforcement officers found and seized a total of five firearms. These included a shotgun, two handguns, and two rifles in the style of AK-47. Shadbar’s Firearm Owner’s Identification card was revoked in 1979 due to his arrest for a felony.

According to court documents, the victim, who was described as a white woman, had endured years of harassment and threats from Shadbar because of her relationship with a Black partner. According to reports, Shadbar is accused of using offensive language towards the woman and her children, and making serious threats against their safety.

The shooting incident took place in the victim’s backyard, where they were accompanied by a friend and two young children. According to reports, Shadbar started revving his motorcycle engine, which led the victim to respond by blowing an airhorn. Shadbar then angrily threw a bottle over the fence, uttered offensive language, and made menacing statements.

Before the shooting incident, the victim had reached out to the police on two occasions to report minor problems involving Shadbar. Fortunately, both issues were successfully resolved.

During a particular incident, Shadbar displayed signs of agitation and raised their voice towards the victim and her children. In another incident, he was reportedly involved in shooting fireworks and potentially a firearm over the backyard fence. However, Shadbar was not arrested by the police due to a lack of evidence.

Shadbar made an appearance for his arraignment and has been scheduled to return to court on May 23. The investigation into the hate crime charge is still in progress.

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