I-80 Reopens with Chain Controls After Sierra Storm Closure

Interstate 80 is gradually reopening late Saturday night following a closure prompted by a late-season snowstorm in the Sierra region. The closure was initiated due to numerous spinouts and collisions over Donner Summit.

Eastbound traffic resumed around 8:45 p.m. with chain controls implemented from Alta to the Nevada state line. By 11 p.m., westbound traffic was also allowed to proceed in Truckee, albeit with chain controls in effect. However, the highway will remain closed at the Nevada state line until the backlog of traffic in Truckee clears.

Meanwhile, on Highway 50, eastbound traffic is being held at Meyers due to spinouts, and there is currently no estimated time for its reopening. Chain controls are enforced from Twin Bridges to Meyers.

Traffic on Highway 20 is being redirected at Nevada Street, and the timeline for reopening the road remains uncertain.

Snow levels dropped to approximately 4,000 feet on Saturday afternoon, with scattered snow showers expected to persist in Sierra communities throughout the night.

Temperatures experienced a significant drop of about 20-30 degrees compared to Friday.

In the valley, thunderstorms developed in the afternoon, bringing brief heavy downpours, lightning, small hail, and gusty winds.

Most areas are forecasted to dry out on Sunday, with more spring-like weather anticipated for the upcoming week.

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