Hey Michigan, Don’t Take This Vehicle Through a Car Wash

If you’re a mud-bogging enthusiast, reconsider before heading to a Michigan car wash with your muddy vehicle. Some car wash owners are refusing excessively muddy trucks and jeeps, citing potential equipment damage and drain blockages as reasons. Here’s why avoiding a car wash with a mud-covered vehicle is advised and alternative suggestions.

Reasons Behind Car Wash Aversion to Muddy Vehicles

Car wash facilities are equipped to handle dirt and grime, but the type of mud accumulated after a day of off-roading poses challenges. Car wash owners highlight several issues associated with mud-bogging vehicles:

  • Machinery Damage: Excessive mud can become lodged in the car wash’s brushes, rollers, and nozzles, diminishing their efficiency and risking breakage. This results in expensive repairs and downtime.
  • Drain Clogging: Mud buildup in car wash drains disrupts water flow, potentially causing flooding in washing bays and environmental concerns by contaminating sewer systems or nearby waterways.
  • Customer Loss: Car washes depend on repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. Turning away customers with muddy vehicles not only leads to revenue loss but also tarnishes the establishment’s reputation, potentially deterring other clients.

Alternatives for Muddy Vehicle Cleaning

If mud-bogging is your passion, there are ways to enjoy it without inconveniencing car washes. Consider the following tips to clean your vehicle responsibly:

  • Home Hose-off: Prior to visiting a car wash, use a garden hose or pressure washer at home to remove as much mud as possible. Focus on the wheels, tires, undercarriage, and windows to facilitate a quicker and safer car wash, minimizing the risk of damage or clogging.
  • Research Mud-Friendly Car Washes: Not all car washes share the same policies on muddy vehicles. Some may be more accommodating or possess specialized equipment for such situations. Research online or inquire locally to identify a mud-friendly car wash. Be prepared for potential extra fees or adherence to specific guidelines provided by the car wash staff.
  • Hand Washing: If a suitable car wash is unavailable or you prefer a cost-effective solution, hand wash your vehicle. Utilize a bucket, sponge, and soap to scrub off mud. Specialized mud-removing products like Mud-Xor Mud Buster can also be employed. Ensure proper disposal of dirty water to prevent environmental impact.


Mud-bogging is thrilling, but it can create challenges for both your vehicle and car wash facilities. By following these suggestions, you can indulge in your hobby without causing issues for car wash owners or the environment. Remember, a clean vehicle is a happy vehicle.

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