Georgia’s Own Area 51: A Mysterious and Intriguing Place to Visit

When you hear “Area 51,” your mind likely jumps to the secretive military base in Nevada, shrouded in conspiracy theories of UFOs, aliens, and government experiments. Surprisingly, Georgia has its own rendition of Area 51 nestled in Roswell, but with a twist – it’s a mini golf course. While not as covert, it carries its own air of mystery and allure. In this blog, we’ll delve into why this unique attraction is worth a visit and what awaits you there.

What is Georgia’s Area 51?

Georgia’s Area 51 is a mini golf course in Roswell, drawing inspiration from its famed counterpart in Nevada. Set against the backdrop of a city steeped in UFO lore, this 18-hole course boasts a myriad of themed challenges. Expect encounters with aliens, spaceships, rockets, and other sci-fi elements, complete with eerie sounds and flashing lights that heighten the experience. Open year-round, it promises fun and excitement for all ages and skill levels.

What Makes Georgia’s Area 51 Fascinating?

There are several compelling reasons why Georgia’s Area 51 stands out:

  • A Fresh Take on the Enigma: Here, Area 51 isn’t shrouded in fear and secrecy but embraced with creativity and amusement, offering a playful exploration of its mysteries.
  • Unparalleled Mini Golf Experience: Combining skill, strategy, and entertainment, this course offers a one-of-a-kind mini golf adventure that promises thrills for players of all levels.
  • Embracing Roswell’s Identity: Delve into the history and culture of Roswell, discovering its deep ties to the UFO phenomenon and celebrating its unique alien identity with a whimsical twist.
  • Supporting Local Charm: As a family-owned and operated business, Georgia’s Area 51 offers not just entertainment but a chance to support the local community, with friendly staff, top-notch cleanliness, and safety standards.


Georgia’s Area 51 is a must-visit destination for those seeking a truly distinctive and enjoyable experience in Roswell. Transport yourself into a mini golf adventure themed around the legendary Area 51, where mysteries unfold in a light-hearted manner. Explore Roswell’s rich history intertwined with UFO lore while supporting a local gem committed to quality and community. So, pack your putter, your camera, and your sense of adventure, and venture into Georgia’s Area 51. Your only regret? Missing out on this extraterrestrial adventure.

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