Georgia is Crawling With Bed Bugs, 3 Cities Among Most Infested

Bed bugs, tiny blood-sucking insects that infest homes, hotels, and sleep areas, may cause skin irritation, allergies, and psychological distress. Although they don’t transmit diseases, eliminating them is challenging due to their ability to hide in cracks and survive without feeding for months.

A recent report by Orkin, a pest control company, identifies Georgia as one of the states with the highest bed bug infestations. The report ranks cities based on treatments performed, placing Atlanta at No. 9, Savannah at No. 28, and Augusta at No. 45.

What contributes to Georgia’s high bed bug prevalence?

Several factors may contribute:

Climate: Georgia’s warm, humid conditions, coupled with mild winters, provide an ideal environment for bed bugs to thrive year-round.

Travel: Georgia, especially with the busy Atlanta airport, attracts many tourists and business travelers who may unknowingly transport bed bugs from infested places.

Population: With over 10 million residents and dense urban areas, bed bugs easily move between units in multi-family housing like apartments, condos, or dorms.

Awareness: Lack of awareness about bed bug signs and symptoms, coupled with reluctance to report or seek professional help, delays detection and treatment.

Preventing and controlling bed bug infestations in Georgia

The Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) recommends:

  • Inspect: Regularly check sleeping areas for signs of bed bugs. Inspect luggage and personal items before and after traveling.
  • Protect: Use encasements, interceptors, or other devices to prevent bed bugs. Wash and dry bedding, clothing, and fabrics at high heat.
  • Treat: If infested, avoid self-treatment and contact a licensed pest control professional. Follow their recommendations and cooperate throughout the treatment process.
  • Educate: Learn about bed bugs from reliable sources like DPH, CDC, or EPA. Share information with others and report infestations to relevant authorities.

By promoting awareness and collaboration between the public, pest control industry, and health authorities, we can effectively prevent and control bed bug infestations in Georgia.


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