Fatal Shooting in East Lansdowne Stemming from Argument Over Woman

East Lansdowne police are on the lookout for a suspect after a fatal shooting incident unfolded during an argument on Monday night in Delaware County.

The altercation, reportedly triggered by a dispute over a woman, resulted in the tragic death of one man. According to detectives, the victim, who was involved in a previous relationship with the woman in question, was not authorized to be at the residence where the confrontation occurred.

The shooting transpired around 9:45 p.m. in close proximity to the East Lansdowne police department, along the 100 block of Wildwood Avenue near Emerson Avenue. Upon arrival, law enforcement discovered the victim deceased outside a residence. The assailant fled the scene on foot, abandoning his flip-flops in the process.

Approximately seven shots were fired during the incident, with authorities recovering a firearm at the scene. However, investigators do not believe the recovered weapon was the one used in the fatal shooting and have yet to determine its ownership.

Utilizing K-9 units, officers are conducting an intensive search for the suspect involved in the shooting.

The tragic event has left neighbors in the area deeply unsettled, with sentiments of concern and sympathy expressed for the affected family.

“I don’t know the family but I do wish them well,” remarked neighbor Jordan Harris.

Amidst the ongoing search for the perpetrator, residents are hopeful for a reduction in violence within the community.

“It’s just scary. A lot of things have been going on in East Lansdowne, especially on Wildwood Avenue, so to know things are continuing to grow and things are continuing to happen, it’s just sad,” shared Harris.

As investigations progress, authorities have yet to release the identity of the victim.

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