Exploring Ohio Most Untouched Abandoned Prison!

Ever wondered what it’s like to stroll through the eerie corridors of a haunted prison, where countless inmates endured suffering and met their demise? If you seek a thrilling and chilling adventure, consider a visit to the Ohio State Reformatory, renowned as one of the world’s most notorious and paranormal prisons.

Formerly known as the Mansfield Reformatory, this historic prison in Mansfield, Ohio, was constructed between 1886 and 1910. Operational until 1990, it faced closure due to inhumane conditions. Famous as the filming location for “The Shawshank Redemption,” the Ohio State Reformatory is equally infamous for its ghost stories and paranormal investigations.

In this blog post, I’ll recount my exploration of the Ohio State Reformatory, delving into both fascinating and hair-raising facts. Additionally, I’ll provide tips for planning your visit and offer insights into what to anticipate when you step into this notorious facility.

The History of the Ohio State Reformatory

Originally intended for rehabilitating young, first-time offenders, the Ohio State Reformatory was designed by architect Levi Scofield. Blending Gothic, Romanesque, and Queen Anne styles, the prison boasted a majestic structure with amenities such as a chapel, library, school, hospital, workshops, and farms for inmate skill development.

However, overcrowding and understaffing led to deteriorating conditions. Violence, abuse, disease, and starvation prevailed, resulting in numerous deaths. The prison witnessed riots, fires, and escape attempts, with the most infamous occurring in 1948 when two inmates killed the warden, held guards hostage, and were eventually captured and electrocuted.

Closed in 1990 following a lawsuit exposing its horrific state, the prison was abandoned until a preservation society saved and restored it. Today, it serves as a museum, tourist attraction, and a draw for paranormal enthusiasts.

The Hauntings of the Ohio State Reformatory

Widely regarded as one of the most haunted places globally, the Ohio State Reformatory harbors spirits seeking justice, revenge, or peace. Notable haunted areas include:

The Hole: Solitary confinement where violent and aggressive ghosts allegedly attempt to harm visitors.

The Chapel: A place of worship and execution, inhabited by friendly and peaceful ghosts, with reports of organ music, choir singing, and whispers of prayers.

The Cell Blocks: Overcrowded, filthy living quarters where curious and playful ghosts supposedly move objects, make noises, and show themselves to visitors.

The Tours of the Ohio State Reformatory

The Ohio State Reformatory offers various tours:

1. Self-Guided Tours: Basic, flexible exploration at your pace, covering key areas daily from 11 am to 4 pm for $25 per person.

2. Guided Tours: Informative tours led by experienced guides on weekends from 10 am to 4 pm for $30 per person, covering additional areas like the guard tower, cemetery, and sub-basement.

3. Paranormal Tours: Adventurous investigations on select nights from 8 pm to 3 am for $70 per person, focusing on the most haunted areas.

The Conclusion

The Ohio State Reformatory promises a unique and captivating experience for history, architecture, and paranormal enthusiasts. It unveils the past and invites you to witness the present of one of the world’s most infamous prisons. Add this haunting adventure to your bucket list, and brace yourself for the unexpected when traversing the haunted halls of this remarkable prison.

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