Does It Snow in Kentucky? See Snowiest Places and Average Amounts

Yes, Kentucky does experience snow. The state has a humid subtropical climate, and it undergoes four distinct seasons. Winter spans from December to March, and during this period, snow is a common occurrence.

When Does It Snow in Kentucky?

Snow in December

Winter commences in Kentucky in December, with mild daytime temperatures dropping below freezing at night. Snow blankets the mountains and high-altitude areas, creating a picturesque setting around Christmas.

Snow in January

January marks the peak of winter in Kentucky. Temperatures range from -5 degrees Celsius to 8.3 degrees Celsius. It is the snowiest month, with an average snow depth of about 6 inches (177.8 millimeters).

Snow in February

While night temperatures remain below freezing, daytime temperatures rise to around 11.11 degrees Celsius. Snowfall decreases, and the recorded snow accumulation ranges from 4 to 5 inches (101.6 to 127 millimeters). Southern parts of the state experience lighter dustings.

Snow in March

March is the final winter month in Kentucky. As the state transitions to spring, temperatures rise significantly, and snowfall lessens. Approximately 1 inch (25.4 millimeters) of snow is recorded in the southern regions.

Snowiest Places in Kentucky


Florence, situated in Boone County, is the snowiest city in Kentucky. Snowfall occurs from November to March, averaging 3.8 months per year. Florence can accumulate up to 18.7 inches (474.98 millimeters) of snow annually.


As the state capital, Frankfort experiences an average of 30.4 snowfall days annually, accumulating 6.3 inches (160.2 millimeters) of snow.

Average Snowfall in Kentucky

On average, Kentucky receives about 11 inches of snowfall each year. The central and northern regions witness more snow, averaging 12 to 18 inches annually. The southern region experiences less snow, with an average of 4 to 8 inches per year.


While Kentucky is not the snowiest state in the U.S., it does receive a significant amount of snowfall annually. Snowfall patterns vary across the state, with certain cities receiving more snow than others.

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