This City Has Been Named the Rape Capital of Massachusetts

When examining crime rates across cities, it’s vital to consider context and data sources. The Boston Business Journal has compiled an online database presenting per-capita crime rates for Massachusetts‘ 351 cities and towns.

This database delineates individual crime categories, including a collective “violent crime” category covering everything from murder to rape to assaults.

The Data

Data from the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2011 reveals that, among various crime categories, Salisbury ranked first in reported rapes per 1,000 residents, with a rate of 1.08, equivalent to eight incidents.

Understanding the Data

While this data offers a snapshot, it’s crucial to remember that crime rates can vary over time due to factors like changes in law enforcement practices, population shifts, and societal changes.

It’s also important to note that labeling a place as the “rape capital” can be misleading and stigmatizing. Approaching this topic with sensitivity is essential, recognizing the severity of these crimes and their impact on victims and communities.

Addressing the Challenge

Dealing with sexual violence requires a comprehensive approach, encompassing education, prevention efforts, and support for survivors. Additionally, it involves ensuring that law enforcement and judicial systems appropriately handle these cases.


While Salisbury reported the highest rape rate in Massachusetts in 2011, it’s crucial to handle this issue with care, emphasizing prevention and support over stigmatization.



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