Biden Administration Introduces New Rule to Expedite Removal of National Security Threats

The Biden administration has introduced a new rule that focuses on expediting the removal of specific illegal immigrants who are deemed to be a potential threat to national security or public safety while going through the asylum process.

This policy enables the implementation of legal rejections for asylum seekers at an earlier stage, usually happening shortly after they arrive at the border. It focuses on individuals who are considered national security risks, such as terrorists, or those who pose threats to public safety.

A senior official from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) highlighted that although the rule is anticipated to affect a relatively small number of individuals, it serves as a vital tool in bolstering border security and conserving taxpayer funds by expediting the removal of potential threats.

In addition, the administration has announced new guidance that allows asylum officers to consider whether an asylum seeker could potentially find another place to live within their home country instead of seeking asylum.

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas emphasised the administration’s dedication to enhancing national security by promptly identifying and removing individuals considered security risks without a legal basis for remaining in the country. However, he emphasised that broader reforms to the immigration system necessitate congressional action.

In spite of previous efforts by the Biden administration to strengthen asylum rules, including a more comprehensive rule implemented last year, Republican critics continue to express doubt. They claim that these measures do not effectively tackle the underlying causes of illegal immigration and criticise the administration for advocating for lenient border policies.

House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Mark Green criticised the new rule, stating that it does not effectively address the administration’s role in worsening the immigration crisis.

He believes it is a politically motivated move. He expressed concerns about the rule’s effectiveness in dealing with the increase of illegal immigrants and argued that significant changes are necessary to fix the broken immigration system.

On the other hand, the administration denies accusations of adopting “open border” policies and emphasises its enforcement efforts. It points to more than 720,000 removals or returns of illegal immigrants since May 2023 as proof of its dedication to border security.

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