Arkansas is Crawling With Bed Bugs, 3 Cities Among Most Infested

Bed bugs, tiny blood-sucking insects, pose a significant challenge in homes, hotels, and other sleeping areas, triggering itching, rashes, allergies, and psychological distress. These resilient pests, adept at hiding in cracks, fabrics, and furnishings, can endure for months without feeding.

Across the United States, bed bug infestations are on the rise, with certain cities experiencing more significant impacts. According to a recent study by Orkin, a pest control company, Arkansas ranks high, with three cities featuring prominently among the top 50 in the nation for bed bug infestations. Here’s a closer look at these afflicted cities and strategies to prevent and address infestations:

Little Rock: The Epicenter of Bed Bug Activity

Little Rock, Arkansas’ capital and largest city, tops the state’s bed bug hotspot list. Climbing to 23rd place on Orkin’s nationwide ranking, Little Rock, with its population of around 200,000, not only attracts visitors for its cultural and historical attractions but also bed bugs, often transported via luggage, clothing, and furniture. Common hotspots for bed bugs in Little Rock include hotels, motels, apartments, shelters, and public transportation.

Jonesboro: A College Town Plagued by Bed Bugs

Jonesboro, the fifth-largest city in Arkansas and home to Arkansas State University, faces a significant bed bug challenge. Rising to 33rd place on Orkin’s list, Jonesboro, with its population of about 75,000, accommodates numerous students and faculty, making dormitories, classrooms, and campus facilities fertile ground for bed bug infestations.

Fort Smith: A Historic City Battling Modern Pests

Fort Smith, Arkansas’ second-largest city and a commercial and industrial hub, ranks as the state’s third bed bug-infested city. Moving up to 47th place on the list, Fort Smith’s population of approximately 88,000 enjoys a rich historical legacy and economic vitality but contends with bed bugs infesting homes, businesses, and public spaces, including hotels, restaurants, offices, and museums.

Preventing and Treating Bed Bug Infestations

Combatting bed bugs requires vigilance and proactive measures:

  • Regularly inspect sleeping areas for signs of bed bugs.
  • Take precautions to avoid introducing bed bugs into your home, especially after traveling.
  • Seek professional pest control assistance rather than attempting DIY solutions.
  • Practice proper hygiene and medical care if bitten.


Bed bugs pose a serious and escalating problem in the United States, including Arkansas, with cities like Little Rock, Jonesboro, and Fort Smith experiencing notable infestations. Vigilance, caution, and professional intervention are key to preventing and addressing these persistent pests, ensuring a bed bug-free environment for all.

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