Accused Murderer at Rikers Island Allegedly Assaults Correction Officer, Resulting in Severe Injuries

Tymirh Bey-Foster, 21, stands accused of perpetrating a violent assault on a correction officer at Rikers Island, leaving her with significant injuries, including broken facial bones. This disturbing incident, which occurred on April 7, has led to indictments against Bey-Foster for second and third-degree assault.

Alleged Assault on Correction Officer

The assault unfolded when Bey-Foster, incarcerated on murder charges related to a gang-related shooting, reportedly became enraged upon finding his cell door locked while he was outside.

Despite standard jail protocol mandating door locks regardless of an inmate’s location, Bey-Foster purportedly became confrontational, prompting the correction officer to intervene.

Confrontation Escalates

According to prosecutors, the situation escalated rapidly, with Bey-Foster allegedly threatening the correction officer. Despite her attempts to diffuse the situation verbally, Bey-Foster persisted, prompting the officer to resort to pepper spray. However, this proved ineffective as Bey-Foster proceeded to physically assault her.

Severe Injuries Sustained

During the altercation, Bey-Foster delivered a forceful blow to the correction officer, causing her head to collide with a wall and rendering her unconscious. The severity of the assault resulted in the officer sustaining fractures to her orbital and sinus bones, in addition to a deep facial laceration necessitating stitches.

Subsequent Action and Response

Other officers eventually intervened, subduing Bey-Foster with the use of pepper spray. Following the incident, Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark swiftly announced indictments against Bey-Foster, emphasizing a zero-tolerance approach to such acts of violence within correctional facilities.

Context of the Accused

Bey-Foster’s presence at Rikers Island stemmed from charges related to a 2020 murder, where he allegedly orchestrated and executed the killing under the mistaken belief that the victim had targeted a fellow gang member earlier that day.

Response from Authorities

The Correction Officers’ Benevolent Association condemned the assault, emphasizing the necessity of holding perpetrators fully accountable for such acts.

President Benny Boscio praised the swift action taken by the District Attorney’s office in charging Bey-Foster and advocated for consecutive sentences for inmates convicted of violent crimes committed within correctional facilities.


In conclusion, the alleged assault perpetrated by Tymirh Bey-Foster highlights the ongoing challenges faced by correctional officers and underscores the imperative of ensuring their safety and well-being within the confines of the justice system.

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