This Abandoned Town in Pennsylvania Will Give You the Creeps

A Town Engulfed

Centralia, Pennsylvania, was once a thriving coal mining town boasting 14 active mines and a population of 2,500 in the early 20th century. Today, it stands as an eerie ghost town, its destiny sealed in 1962 when a fire ignited in a landfill and spread to the intricate coal tunnels miners had carved thousands of feet below the surface.

The Eternal Fire

Initially, residents believed the fire would extinguish itself quickly. Despite numerous efforts to quench the flames, it persisted, catching a coal seam and continuing to burn for over 60 years. Poisonous smoke now escapes through hundreds of fissures, posing a constant threat of ground collapse.

The Desolate Town

In the 1980s, Pennsylvania mandated the evacuation and demolition of Centralia, even revoking its ZIP code. Presently, only six homes remain, housing the town’s last residents. Once vibrant, Centralia now presents a chilling spectacle with smoke billowing near the original landfill site¹.

The Enduring Legacy

Centralia’s saga stands as a stark warning about the potential hazards of mining and its devastating impact on communities. The town’s eerie appearance, coupled with the relentless underground fire, transforms it into a spine-chilling destination.


The story of Centralia, Pennsylvania, serves as a chilling testament to the enduring repercussions of industrial accidents.

Despite its ghostly ambiance, characterized by smoke emanating from the ground and the perpetual risk of collapse, Centralia’s tale persists, captivating and haunting those who dare to explore this forsaken town in Pennsylvania.


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