This Abandoned Military Bases in New Hampshire Will Give You the Creeps

New Hampshire, celebrated for its scenic landscapes and rich history, harbors several abandoned military bases that provide a haunting glimpse into bygone eras. These locations, now reclaimed by nature, serve as eerie reminders of their bustling pasts. Let’s unravel the mystery and allure surrounding these abandoned military bases.

1. Old Sand & Gravel Crusher

Nestled in Hooksett and concealed behind thick woodlands, an old sand and gravel crusher from the 1980s awaits exploration. This expansive site, reminiscent of Call of Duty’s ‘Rust’ map, was abandoned when the sand company sold the land. Strewn with discarded construction equipment, including a rusty crane, the site, despite its dilapidation, offers a unique thrill for urban explorers.

2. Madame Sherri House

Hidden in the forest lies the ruins of Madame Sherri House. Once the residence of Madame Antoinette Sherri, a prosperous New York costume designer, this stone structure served as a summer retreat in the 1920s. Hosting extravagant parties, financial difficulties led to its abandonment, and a fire in 1962 destroyed the castle-like home. Today, only the stone outline remains, providing a haunting yet captivating exploration site.

3. Monson Center

Dating back to the 1700s, the Monson Center stands as one of New Hampshire’s most historic abandoned places. Encompassing over 17,000 acres with numerous ruins and foundations, the site, despite its age, is freely accessible, offering a unique glimpse into the past.

4. Fort Stark

Situated in New Castle, Fort Stark was strategically designed with a decoy ship outline facing the harbor to deceive enemy submarines or planes during wartime. Today, the fort stands quietly, reminding visitors of the military tactics employed in times of war.

5. Odiorne Point Batteries

Within Odiorne State Park, the Odiorne Point Batteries consist of two bunkers constructed during World War II to defend against potential attacks on Portsmouth Harbor. Although the entrances have been sealed for safety, the bunkers endure, providing a chilling reminder of the wartime era.

These abandoned military bases in New Hampshire, with their eerie silence and historical significance, indeed evoke a sense of unease. Yet, they also offer a fascinating insight into the state’s military history and the inexorable passage of time. Exploring these sites inevitably instills a profound awe for the stories held within their weathered walls.


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