A Haunted Road In Utah That Will Give You Chills

Utah is a state with many natural wonders and scenic attractions, but it also has a dark side. There are several places in Utah that are said to be haunted by restless spirits, and one of them is Big Cottonwood Canyon Road. This road is a popular destination for outdoor enthusiasts, but it also has a history of tragedy and mystery. Here are some of the reasons why Big Cottonwood Canyon Road is one of the most haunted roads in Utah.

The Purple Lady of Rio Grande Depot

The first stop on our haunted road trip is the Rio Grande Depot, a historic train station in Salt Lake City. This building is now home to the Utah State Historical Society and the Rio Gallery, but it also has a resident ghost. She is known as the Purple Lady, and she is a beautiful woman dressed in a dark purple hat and dress from the early 1900s. She is often seen in the women’s bathroom and the balcony area, where she wanders aimlessly or stares out the window.

The Purple Lady is believed to be the spirit of a woman who was killed at the depot in a tragic accident. According to legend, she and her fiance got into a fight at the station, and he threw her engagement ring down onto the tracks. She ran after it, but was hit and killed by an oncoming train. Her ghost is said to be looking for her lost ring, or waiting for her lover to return.

The Ghosts of Salt Lake City Cemetery

The next stop on our haunted road trip is the Salt Lake City Cemetery, the largest municipal cemetery in the United States. This cemetery is the final resting place of many notable Utahns, such as Brigham Young, Heber J. Grant, and Orrin Porter Rockwell. It is also the haunt of many restless spirits, who are seen or heard by visitors and staff.

One of the most famous ghosts of the cemetery is Emo, a young man who died of unknown causes and was buried in a crypt. Emo is said to appear to anyone who lights a candle, circles his crypt three times, and peers into it. He is described as having long hair, a pale face, and a menacing grin. He may also try to grab or scratch anyone who dares to disturb him.

Another ghost of the cemetery is a small child, who is sometimes seen or heard crying near the grave of his mother. The child died of pneumonia, and his mother died of grief shortly after. They are buried next to each other, and their spirits are said to be still mourning their loss.

The Haunted Fort Douglas

The third stop on our haunted road trip is Fort Douglas, a military installation that was established in 1862 to protect the overland mail route and the telegraph lines. Fort Douglas is now part of the University of Utah campus, and houses the Fort Douglas Military Museum and the Fort Douglas Cemetery. It is also home to several ghosts, who are mostly former soldiers or officers who served or died at the fort.

The most famous ghost of Fort Douglas is Clem, a short, stocky man with a beard, wearing a Civil War-era uniform. Clem is believed to be the spirit of a soldier who was executed by firing squad for desertion. He is often seen walking around the fort, or appearing in the museum. He seems to be friendly and curious, but he may also startle or surprise anyone who encounters him.

Another ghost of Fort Douglas is a woman in a white dress, who is seen near the cemetery. She is thought to be the wife of an officer who was killed in action. She is said to be looking for her husband, or waiting for him to come back from the war.

The Spooky Big Cottonwood Canyon Road

The final stop on our haunted road trip is Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, a 15-mile-long road that starts at the mouth of the canyon and leads to several recreational areas, such as Brighton and Solitude ski resorts. Big Cottonwood Canyon Road is a scenic and enjoyable drive, but it also has a sinister side. There are several ghosts that are said to haunt this road, and they may appear to drivers or hitchhikers at night.

One of the ghosts of Big Cottonwood Canyon Road is a young woman, who is dripping wet and distressed. She is the spirit of a woman who drowned in the creek that runs along the road, during a spring runoff. She may ask for help, or try to get into a car, but she will disappear as soon as she is noticed.

Another ghost of Big Cottonwood Canyon Road is a male hitchhiker, who is accompanied by a dog. He is the spirit of a rock climber who fell to his death from the canyon walls. He may try to get a ride, or chat with a driver, but he and his dog will vanish when they reach the bottom of the canyon.

These are just some of the stories and legends that surround Big Cottonwood Canyon Road, one of the most haunted roads in Utah. Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you may want to think twice before driving on this road after dark. You never know who or what you might encounter.


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