A Haunted Road In Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania, a state steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty, harbors a darker side. Numerous locations in the state are rumored to be haunted by ghosts, spirits, and other paranormal entities. One such infamous place is Kelly Road, also known as Mystery Mile, nestled in Beaver County. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the historical background, local legends, and reported experiences surrounding Kelly Road, uncovering the reasons behind its reputation as one of Pennsylvania’s most haunted roads.

The History of Kelly Road

Kelly Road, a one-mile stretch linking Route 68 and Oak Grove Road in Ohioville, Pennsylvania, winds through dense woods and farmland, with scattered houses and farms. Originally a dirt road, it was paved in the 1950s. Named after the Kelly family, who owned a farm along the road in the 1800s, the area has witnessed numerous accidents, some fatal, attributed to factors like sharp curves, poor visibility, and slippery conditions. However, locals also attribute some incidents to supernatural forces at play.

The Legends of Kelly Road

Local legends surrounding Kelly Road date back to Native American times, with stories of curses, rituals, and buried dead in the area. Some believe the road acts as a portal to another dimension, housing evil spirits and creatures. Tales speak of the ghosts of the Kelly family haunting the road due to a tragic fire or plague on their farm. Other stories involve cults, witches, and Satanists performing dark rituals. Some even claim the presence of cryptids like Bigfoot, werewolves, and dog-men lurking in the woods.

The Experiences of Kelly Road

Numerous drivers, residents, and visitors to Kelly Road report strange and terrifying experiences, including:

  • Hearing eerie sounds like screams, moans, whispers, and laughter emanating from the woods or nearby houses.
  • Witnessing apparitions, shadows, orbs, and lights on the road or in the surrounding woods.
  • Experiencing inexplicable cold spots, gusts of wind, and electric shocks on the road or inside vehicles.
  • Encountering car problems such as engine failure, flat tires, and dead batteries on or near the road.
  • Reporting time loss, memory loss, confusion, and disorientation on or after leaving the road.
  • Observing changes in animal behavior, with some animals becoming aggressive, violent, or seemingly possessed.


Kelly Road stands as a haunted thoroughfare in Pennsylvania, captivating and unsettling those who venture near. With a mysterious and ominous history, the road has spawned numerous legends and stories. The reported paranormal experiences associated with Kelly Road add an extra layer of intrigue and fear. Approach with caution, as Kelly Road is not for the faint of heart, making even the curious shiver at its mysterious aura.

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