A Haunted Road In Ohio

Ohio harbors a plethora of haunted sites, ranging from abandoned prisons and asylums to eerie towns and bridges. Among the spine-chilling locations in the Buckeye State, Lick Road in Cincinnati stands out as one of the most terrifying. This desolate country road winds through the woods, leading drivers to a foreboding dead end where the ghost of a girl named Amy is said to haunt those who dare to venture there.

The Legend of Amy

As local lore recounts, Amy, a young girl in the 1970s, lived near Lick Road. Despite being deeply in love with a boy residing on the opposite side of the road, her parents disapproved of their relationship. One fateful night, Amy decided to sneak out of her house to meet her boyfriend at the road’s end, where they planned to elope.

Unfortunately, her boyfriend never arrived, and instead, she fell victim to a mysterious assailant who dragged her into the woods, ending her life. The details surrounding her assailant remain shrouded in mystery, with speculations ranging from a serial killer to a cult leader.

The Haunting of Lick Road

Since Amy’s tragic disappearance, reports of eerie phenomena on Lick Road have circulated. The most common occurrence is the apparition of Amy’s ghost, attempting to communicate with drivers who stop at the road’s dead end.

Legend suggests various ways to summon Amy’s spirit, such as parking at the end, turning off the engine, flashing headlights three times, or writing messages like “Help me” or “I love you” on car windows. Witnesses claim to have seen a white light, purportedly Amy’s motorcycle, approaching from the hills. Some even report hearing Amy’s voice or witnessing ghostly handprints and faces on their car windows.

The Mystery of Lick Road

Lick Road remains not only one of Ohio’s most haunted but also one of the most enigmatic locations. The true nature of Amy’s fate remains unknown, with debates over whether her story is an urban legend or based on a real, concealed crime.

Attempts to uncover the mystery have been met with obstacles, from hostile locals and police harassment to paranormal attacks. Some investigators have disappeared or met mysterious ends, adding to the intrigue and horror surrounding Lick Road.


Lick Road in Cincinnati stands as a haunted thoroughfare, with the ghostly presence of Amy lingering for those daring enough to explore. Amy’s tragic story, the mystery of her demise, and the paranormal encounters reported by visitors contribute to the road’s terrifying reputation. For those bold enough to venture onto Lick Road, be prepared to confront the unknown and, perhaps, encounter the spectral presence of Amy herself.

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