A Haunted Road in Ohio That Will Give You Chills

Ohio, a state celebrated for its rich history and vibrant culture, hides a more enigmatic side within its borders. Amidst the many narratives, the haunted roads of Ohio stand out, sending shivers down the spines of daring travelers. This article explores the eerie legends surrounding these mysterious thoroughfares.

Walhalla Road: Columbus’s Ghostly Guardian

In the northern part of Columbus lies Walhalla Road, a place where the past lingers. According to legend, a tormented man ended his life after committing an unspeakable act against his wife. Now, his spirit is said to haunt the bridge where the tragedy unfolded—a spectral sentinel trapped in a perpetual loop of sorrow and penance.

Lick Road: Cincinnati’s Phantom Maiden

The winding Lick Road leads to a dead end, but for one lost soul, it’s an eternal path of unrest. The ghost of a girl named Amy, who met a tragic fate while fleeing an unknown assailant, is rumored to linger here. Those who dare to visit may find mysterious words fogging their windows, a silent plea from beyond.

Schrader Road: Chillicothe’s Crybaby Bridge

Schrader Road in Chillicothe is notorious for its railroad tunnel, where the cries of an unseen infant pierce the night. Local lore suggests that driving through the tunnel with lights off and windows down will summon the haunting wails of a child lost to time.

Euler Road: Bowling Green’s Lament

Also known as “Crybaby Lane,” Euler Road is enveloped in the tragic tale of a mother and her child. The baby’s cries are said to echo through the night—a sorrowful reminder of a grim event that may have occurred under the cover of darkness.

Buckley Road: Oxford’s Phantom Bicyclist

Buckley Road is home to the “Phantom Bicyclist,” a spirit that roams the hills after being struck down in an accident. Legend has it that flashing your headlights three times will summon a white light that approaches from the distance, perhaps the last ride of a soul caught between worlds.


These haunted roads in Ohio transcend being mere travel routes; they are the storytellers, the guardians of the state’s spectral heritage. Whether these tales stem from truth or are products of imaginative minds, they persist in captivating and frightening, offering a glimpse into the unknown just off the beaten path.

Frequently Asked Questions

What legend is linked to Walhalla Road in Columbus?

According to the tale, Walhalla Road is haunted by the spirit of a man who committed a heinous act against his wife before taking his own life. It is believed that his ghost lingers around the bridge where this tragedy unfolded.

Who is the phantom maiden of Lick Road in Cincinnati?

The phantom maiden of Lick Road is believed to be the ghost of a girl named Amy, who met a tragic end while trying to escape an unidentified pursuer. Witnesses on the road have reported mysterious words appearing on their windows.

What eerie phenomenon is associated with Schrader Road in Chillicothe?

Schrader Road is notorious for the sounds of an unseen infant crying, especially during the night. Local legend suggests that these haunting wails can be summoned by driving through the railroad tunnel with your lights off and windows down.

Why is Euler Road in Bowling Green known as ‘Crybaby Lane’?

Euler Road, or ‘Crybaby Lane,’ is linked to the sorrowful tale of a mother and her child. It is said that the cries of the baby can still be heard at night, echoing the tragic event that may have occurred there.

What occurs when you flash your headlights on Buckley Road in Oxford?

Legend has it that on Buckley Road, flashing your headlights three times will summon the ‘Phantom Bicyclist,’ a spirit appearing as a white light approaching from a distance. This is believed to represent the last journey of a soul caught between worlds.

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