A Haunted Road In North Dakota Through The Haynesville Woods

North Dakota boasts numerous scenic and historic attractions, along with a share of eerie and enigmatic places. One such location is a road that traverses the Haynesville Woods, a wooded area near the Maine border, believed to be haunted by the spirits of truckers, brides, and children who met tragic fates there.

The Haynesville Woods: A Historical Overview

Covering approximately 35 square miles in South Aroostook County, Maine, the Haynesville Woods is a wooded expanse intersected by a section of U.S. Route 2A. This route connects the towns of Houlton and Lincoln and was a crucial thoroughfare for trucks transporting goods, especially potatoes, from Maine to other states before the construction of Interstate 95. Renowned for its perilous curves, icy conditions, and frequent accidents, the road is said to have a tombstone for every mile, honoring the truckers who lost their lives. The hazardous journey is even commemorated in the country song “A Tombstone Every Mile” by Dick Curless, a former truck driver.

Ghostly Encounters in the Haynesville Woods

Beyond its perilous nature, the road through the Haynesville Woods is reputedly haunted. Numerous drivers have reported witnessing apparitions, hearing mysterious voices, and encountering cold spots along the route. Some notable sightings include:

  • The Phantom Bride: A young woman in a wedding dress who appears by the road, seeking assistance. Claiming to have been in a car crash on her wedding day, she asserts that her husband is still trapped in the wreckage. Despite asking for a ride, she vanishes before reaching the road’s end. This legend is rooted in a real 1967 accident where a newlywed couple crashed, and the bride froze to death while seeking help.
  • The Ghost Children: Two young girls in old-fashioned attire, seen by the road, holding hands, and also seeking a ride. They disappear when given a lift, with the story possibly linked to a tragic 1967 incident where two girls were struck and killed by a tractor-trailer on the same day.
  • The Hitchhiking Truckers: Spirits of deceased truck drivers from the road who occasionally hitch rides with other drivers or manifest in their rearview mirrors. Usually affable and talkative, they sometimes warn of impending danger or attempt to take control of the wheel.

The Enchanted Road Trip

For those daring or curious enough to embark on an exploration of the haunted road through the Haynesville Woods, a road trip awaits that encompasses both spooky and picturesque North Dakota and Maine spots.

Starting in Bismarck, North Dakota, and concluding in Bangor, Maine, the journey spans attractions like Fort Abraham Lincoln State Park, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Devil’s Lake State Park, and Acadia National Park. Stops at other haunted sites, including Fort Mandan Overlook, Chateau de Mores, Fargo Theatre, and the Stephen King House, add to the experience.

This 2,300-mile road trip requires approximately 36 hours of driving time, offering a blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and paranormal intrigue.


The road through the Haynesville Woods stands as one of America’s most haunted roads, steeped in a history of tragedy and mystery.

Drawing thrill-seekers, ghost hunters, and adventurous travelers alike, it provides an opportunity to immerse oneself in an eerie atmosphere and potentially encounter the supernatural.

Additionally, it forms a crucial part of a larger road trip, showcasing the finest and most spine-chilling attractions in North Dakota and Maine. Regardless of one’s belief in ghosts, the road through the Haynesville Woods beckons as a route worth exploring.


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