A Haunted Road in Missouri

If you are a fan of horror and adventure, you might want to visit Zombie Road in Wildwood, Missouri. This trail, also known as the Al Foster Trail or Lawler Ford Road, is said to be haunted by various ghosts and creatures. In this blog, I will tell you the legend, the lore, and the mystery of Zombie Road.

The History of Zombie Road

Zombie Road was originally a Native American trail, and later became a stagecoach route in the late 1860s. It was used to access the Meramec River and the railroad tracks along the river. The road was also the site of a Native American burial mound, one of the largest in the country.

The road got its nickname in the 1950s, when teenagers would drive there at night to party and scare each other. They would encounter strange noises, shadows, and apparitions on the road. Some say that the road was also used by bootleggers, gangsters, and murderers, who left behind their victims on the road.

The road was closed to traffic in the 1970s, and became a hiking and biking trail. However, the paranormal activity continued, and many people reported seeing and hearing things that they could not explain.

The Hauntings of Zombie Road

Zombie Road is said to be haunted by many different entities, some of which are:

  • The Zombie: A man who was killed by a train on the tracks near the road. He is said to appear as a mutilated corpse, dragging his limbs behind him. He is also known as the Shadow Man, as he can blend in with the darkness.
  • The Drowned Boy: A boy who drowned in the river while swimming with his friends. He is said to appear as a wet and pale child, asking for help or looking for his friends.
  • The Ghost Car: A car that follows drivers on the road, and then disappears. Some say that it is the car of a couple who died in a crash on the road. Others say that it is the car of a gangster who was chased and killed by the police on the road.
  • The Lady in White: A woman who walks along the road, wearing a white dress. She is said to be the ghost of a bride who was killed on her wedding day by her jealous ex-lover. She is also said to be looking for her groom, who never showed up at the altar.
  • The Native Americans: The spirits of the Native Americans who were buried on the road. They are said to appear as warriors, chiefs, or elders, and sometimes perform rituals or ceremonies on the road. They are also said to be angry at the invaders who disturbed their sacred land.

The Mystery of Zombie Road

Why is Zombie Road so haunted? Some say that it is because of the history of violence and death that occurred on the road. Others say that it is because of the natural energy of the land, which attracts spirits and creates portals. Others say that it is because of the imagination and fear of the people who visit the road, which manifest as paranormal phenomena.

Whatever the reason, Zombie Road is a place that attracts the curious and the brave, but also the foolish and the reckless. Many people have visited the road, hoping to see or experience something supernatural. But some have also regretted it, as they have encountered dangers, injuries, or even death.

The Warning of Zombie Road

If you are thinking of visiting Zombie Road, be warned. This is not a place for the faint of heart, or for the unprepared. This is a place where the unknown and the unpredictable can happen, and where the living can meet the dead.

If you decide to go, be respectful, be careful, and be ready. And remember, you are not alone on Zombie Road.

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