A Haunted Road In Louisiana

Louisiana brims with history, culture, and an air of mystery. Among its haunted locales—ranging from plantations to swamps—there’s one that reigns supreme in eerie reputation: Bayou Sale Road, also known as LA-57.

Bayou Sale Road stretches between Dulac and Cocodrie in Terrebonne Parish, a sinuous path cutting through dense vegetation and murky waters. Locals often steer clear, especially after dark, spooked by the generations-old tales whispered about its haunted aura.

The Legend of the Ghost Hitchhikers

Among the chilling accounts, the legend of ghostly hitchhikers stands out. Marie, a woman purportedly killed in a 1950s car crash, materializes on the road in a white dress, clutching flowers. She flags down unsuspecting drivers, requesting a ride to Dulac’s church where her wedding was to take place. Those who oblige find her vanishing upon arrival, leaving only flowers and a lingering chill.

Another specter, Pierre, a pirate from the 1800s, appears in a black coat with a treasure map. He lures drivers into helping him dig up his loot, only to betray them, leaving victims stranded in the swamp.

The Legend of the Swamp Monster

Bayou Sale Road’s lore also encompasses the Rougarou, a half-man, half-wolf creature said to prowl the swamp, seeking prey, particularly those who trespass at night. With glowing red eyes and shape-shifting abilities, it strikes fear into those who dare wander its domain.

The Legend of the Voodoo Priestess

Juliet White, a voodoo priestess of early 1900s lore, adds another layer of intrigue. Her cabin, nestled in the swamp, became a battleground with wealthy landowner Henry Dupre. After her tragic demise, tales abound of her spectral presence near her cabin’s ruins, where she may offer protection or unleash curses upon passersby.


Bayou Sale Road stands as a testament to Louisiana’s enigmatic allure, drawing both the bold and the wary. With each mile laden with legends of hitchhiking spirits, monstrous apparitions, and vengeful voodoo priestesses, it’s a journey not for the faint-hearted. Venture forth, but be warned—Bayou Sale Road may leave you with a spine-tingling tale of your own, should you dare to tread its haunted path.

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