A Haunted Road In Iowa That Will Give You Chills

Iowa, renowned for its cornfields, farms, and friendly populace, harbors a lesser-known aspect filled with ghostly tales, folklore, and enigmas. Among the eerie locales lies Stony Hollow Road, a nocturnal enigma locals often avoid, steeped in paranormal lore and subject to numerous investigations. Situated near Burlington in the state’s southeast, this gravel road winds through wooded hillsides, commanding a view of the Mississippi River. Let’s delve into the history, legend, and reported sightings that shroud Stony Hollow Road in mystery.

The History of Stony Hollow Road

Once an integral part of a network connecting nearby settlements, Stony Hollow Road’s fate altered dramatically in the late 1800s due to a tragic event. Legend has it that Lucinda, a young bride-to-be, awaited her groom’s arrival on the road one stormy wedding night. Clad in white with a bouquet in hand, she anticipated embarking on a new life. However, her fiancé never appeared, his wagon mired in mud due to the storm. Consumed by despair and convinced of abandonment, Lucinda tragically leaped from a cliff overlooking the road, clutching her roses. Her body, discovered the next day, marked the beginning of the road’s haunted reputation.

The Legend of Lucinda’s Ghost

Since Lucinda’s demise, eerie occurrences have plagued Stony Hollow Road. A recurring phenomenon involves a luminous white light, often observed between 10 p.m. and midnight, its erratic movements and color shifts captivating curious onlookers. Locals attribute this light to Lucinda’s restless spirit, still awaiting her betrothed or seeking retribution. Tales circulate of summoning her by chanting her name thrice or interpreting her dropping a rose as an omen of imminent demise. Reports also detail encounters with an ominous entity known as “the Evil One,” purportedly responsible for menacing whispers and even physical assaults.

The Sightings of the Paulding Light

Referred to as the Paulding Light after the nearby town, this enigmatic illumination has baffled researchers despite numerous scientific inquiries. Various hypotheses attempt to rationalize its existence:

  • Some speculate the light originates from distant car headlights refracted by the terrain and atmospheric conditions, as demonstrated by a 2010 study.
  • Others attribute it to swamp gas ignitions, a theory proposed by a local sheriff in 1966.
  • Another popular belief suggests the light embodies the spirit of a deceased railroad brakeman or a Native American chief, both legends rooted in local folklore.


Stony Hollow Road remains a captivating enigma, captivating believers and skeptics alike. Whether viewed as a ghostly apparition, natural anomaly, or mundane phenomenon, its allure persists, contributing to Iowa’s rich tapestry of culture and history. Have you encountered the Paulding Light, or do you intend to? Share your thoughts and experiences below.

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