911 Call Outages Caused by Third-Party Installation, Says Lumen

Lumen, the emergency call system service provider, disclosed that several states encountered 911 call outages on Wednesday evening due to a third-party’s installation of a light pole.

States Impacted by Outages

The outage affected regions in Nevada, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Nevada, particularly Las Vegas, South Dakota, and parts of Nebraska, experienced disruptions in their emergency call services.

Response and Restoration Efforts

Lumen promptly addressed the issue, restoring services within approximately two and a half hours. Despite the challenges, their technicians swiftly identified and resolved the problem. They expressed regret for any inconvenience caused and extended appreciation for their customers’ patience and understanding during the outage.

Impact in Nevada

In Nevada, both the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and Nevada State Police confirmed the restoration of services following the outage. Individuals who attempted to call emergency services during the disruption were promptly contacted and assisted.

Statewide Outage in South Dakota

South Dakota faced a statewide emergency calling system outage, lasting from approximately 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. The State 9-1-1 Coordinator maintained extensive communication with Lumen and the state’s dispatch centers throughout the interruption.

Recovery Efforts and Preparedness

Despite the challenges, emergency dispatch centers utilized the system’s capabilities to identify callers’ phone numbers and return missed calls. Authorities assured the public that the 911 system remained fully operational and prepared to respond to emergent situations promptly.

Unprecedented Nature of Outage

Mike Gramlick, Sioux Falls Division Fire Chief, emphasized the unprecedented duration and magnitude of the outage. Despite the challenges, Metro Communications, responsible for public safety answering points, managed the situation with exceptional professionalism.

Outages in Nebraska

Dundy County, Nebraska, along with surrounding areas, also experienced outages, albeit temporary. Authorities managed to restore both cellular and landline 911 services promptly.

Additional Outages in Texas

While multiple cities in Texas reported outages, these incidents were unrelated to Lumen’s services. Lumen clarified that they do not provide 911 service in Texas.

In conclusion, while the 911 call outages posed temporary challenges in several states, prompt response and restoration efforts mitigated the impact, ensuring the continued safety and security of affected communities.

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