7 Neighborhoods of Big Bear Lake Has Been Named the Murder Capital in San Bernardino

Big Bear Lake, a Californian town with a population of 5,068, has recently gained the unsettling designation of being the murder capital in San Bernardino. This article seeks to delve into the neighborhoods of Big Bear Lake and examine the factors contributing to this alarming title.

Crime Situation in Big Bear Lake

Despite offering residents a sparse suburban atmosphere with numerous bars, restaurants, and coffee shops, Big Bear Lake has grappled with a high crime rate. The city’s crime rate has raised concerns, and its per capita murder count has positioned it at the forefront of San Bernardino’s list.

California’s Murder Capitals

San Bernardino, alongside Oakland, has been recognized as the city with the highest number of murders in California for the year 2023. Specifically, San Bernardino holds the dubious distinction of having a murder rate of 31.4 per 100,000 people.

Impact on Big Bear Lake Neighborhoods

The elevated crime rate in San Bernardino has left a significant mark on the neighborhoods of Big Bear Lake. Residents find themselves living under the shadow of this disconcerting reality, adversely affecting their quality of life and sense of security.

Measures to Address Crime

In response to the high crime rate in Big Bear Lake and the broader San Bernardino area, various initiatives are being implemented. These include heightened law enforcement presence, community outreach programs, and endeavors focused on tackling the root causes of crime.


The designation of ‘Murder Capital’ serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by the neighborhoods of Big Bear Lake. However, with collaborative efforts from law enforcement, local government, and the community, there is optimism that Big Bear Lake can overcome this title and transform into a safer haven for its residents.

Please note that the information presented in this article is based on the most recent data available as of 2023.


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