5 Fantastic Wineries To Visit In Ohio’s Amish Country

Known for its rich culture and iconic horse-drawn carriages, Ohio’s Amish Country also boasts remarkable wineries. Here are five must-visit wineries in the region:

1. Ugly Bunny Winery

Situated on the outskirts of Holmes County, Ohio, the Ugly Bunny Winery offers the finest wines in the state, complemented by a stunning view. It provides a beautiful setting for a unique and enjoyable experience.

2. French Ridge Vineyards

As Holmes County’s inaugural family-owned and operated winery, French Ridge Vineyards rests atop a high ridge, providing panoramic views of rows of grapes and the picturesque landscape beyond. Guests can leisurely taste wines on the open deck, explore the vineyard, or relax indoors.

3. Heritage Vineyard Winery

A family-owned establishment, Heritage Vineyard Winery in Ohio serves as a winery, event venue, tasting room, and more. They even offer lodging options for visitors exploring the Coshocton area.

4. Baltic Mill Winery

Baltic Mill Winery presents delectable, handcrafted wines within a captivating historical setting, eagerly anticipating the pleasure of serving you.

5. Winetagous

Nestled in the heart of one of Ohio’s most frequented Amish locations, Sugarcreek, Winetagous is a chic winery. With live music every Saturday, guests can enjoy entertainment on the surprisingly large outdoor patio during favorable weather conditions.

These wineries not only showcase a diverse array of wines for tasting but also offer a distinctive experience with their picturesque locations and welcoming hospitality. When you find yourself in Ohio’s Amish Country, be sure to explore these exceptional wineries!


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