10 SHOCKING Truths of Why People Won’t Move to Missouri

Missouri, famously known as the “Show Me State,” boasts a rich history, diverse landscapes, and welcoming communities.

Nevertheless, like any location, Missouri presents its own set of challenges that could dissuade potential residents. Here are ten eye-opening realities about why some individuals might think twice about calling Missouri home:

Tornadoes: Positioned in Tornado Alley, Missouri witnesses an average of 45 tornadoes annually, a considerable factor that might discourage prospective residents.

High Crime Rates: Certain areas, particularly in larger cities like St. Louis and Kansas City, report elevated crime rates. Safety concerns can be a significant deterrent for those contemplating a move.

Extreme Weather: Missouri encounters extreme weather conditions, including hot, humid summers and cold winters, along with the risk of severe thunderstorms and heavy snowfall. These conditions may pose challenges for those unaccustomed to such weather.

Education System: Despite having excellent schools, Missouri’s overall education system often ranks lower than that of other states, which could be a concern for families with children.

Economy: While diverse, Missouri’s economy is not growing as rapidly as some other states, potentially limiting job opportunities depending on the industry.

Healthcare Access: Rural areas in Missouri may lack convenient access to healthcare facilities, posing a significant issue for older adults or individuals with chronic health conditions.

Lack of Public Transportation: Public transportation options, especially in rural areas, are limited, making commuting challenging for those without personal vehicles.

Allergies: Missouri’s lush landscapes contribute to high pollen counts, which can be challenging for individuals with allergies.

Lack of Diversity: Although gradually changing, some areas of Missouri lack diversity, which may not appeal to those seeking a multicultural environment.

Rural Lifestyle: Much of Missouri is rural, offering a charming experience that might not align with the preferences of those desiring an urban lifestyle with nearby amenities.

It’s important to note that these factors don’t categorize Missouri as an undesirable place to live. Many individuals adore the state for its picturesque landscapes, affordable cost of living, and amicable communities. The key lies in finding the right fit that aligns with your lifestyle and priorities.


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